EPAYCARD User Benefits

NOTE: ePayCard Signup Fees are non-refundable and not an automatic means to benefits


# Earn as you spend - Earn Extra income when you use ePayCard to make payment, send and Receive money and other financial Transaction. 

# Shop More Pay Less - The more times you use ePayCard to shop on our members merchant stores the less amount you will pay.  

# Guarantor Income - Members are paid for guaranteeing a new member. 

# Profit sharing - Profit is shared among Members. 

# Cash Back - Money is returned to your ePayCard after payment as bonus when you use your ePayCard frequently. 

# Save while you spend - you can ask for a saving scheme that will help save up to 30% of your expenses. 

# Credit - Members can Buy goods from Marchant and pay later. 

# Discounts  - ePayCard Members enjoys up to 70% discount from stores, Hospital, Schools, Restaurants, Hotels and Airlines. 

# Installment Payment - You can spread your payment plan for months. 




# Free vacation - ePayCard members will Experience luxurious vacation in over 2000 hotels and meet with great business executives. 

# Airport Assistance - Fast-track flight ticket bookings and VIP check in for members only. 

# Discounts - get up to 50% discounts on sales for Car hire, flight ticket, hotels and other item for ePayCard members. 

# Exclusive Access - special access to airport lounges, Restaurants and  car parks. 

# Visa Assistant - ePayCard members get visa assistant when they are applying for visa to other countries.

# Meet and Greet - Trained personnels will be are the airport and hotel to welcome ePayCard member on arrival of tour. 



# Scholarship -  Our scholarship scheme cut across all educational sector both former and informer education as our way of given back to the society and building a well informed generation.  

# Bursary - ePayCard Student members gets allowance to support the students to pay school fees, receive pocket money, shopping, save money and other financial transactions. 

# Study Visa - Visa Assistant is given to ePayCard student members who want to continue their education in another country. 

# Study Loan - ePayCard student member have access to study grants in advance and pay back the loan later when the student start working.

# eLearning - Electronic devices and material for learning for children and Adult is given to members.


# Car funding - ePayCard Members get special car fund to buy any car of their choice.

# Road Help - Dedicated mechanics on road help team to repair and service car of ePayCard Members at any time any where.

# Original Parts Replacement - Get original parts for your car at discounted price with ePayCard membership.


# Build with easy - Build your dream with a flexible payment plan.

# Buy now and pay later - Buy a brand new house now and pay later.

# Home Care - A dedicate team of builder, plumber, electrician, interior and exterior to maintain your house.


# Emergency Health Assistance is given to ePayCard members via our mobile health team.

# ePayCard Member get up to 50% discount on drugs, hospital bill, and VIP treatment from over 2000 hospitals and clinic world wide.

# Health Financing - ePayCard members get financial support in case of emergency.

# Free medical test and advice for ePayCard members.


# Training and Funding Business ideas.

# Network your business among ePayCard members.

# Advertise your business to million of people on ePay online flat form.

# Show case your brand at ePay conferences and seminars.


Internship Program 

Entrepreneurship and Financial Inclusion.

Today, billions of people in the society live at less than two dollars per day. A vast majority of these people are excluded from access to basic entrepreneur skill and financial services.

ePay believes that entrepreneurship is the access to basic financial services that is essential for progress. Entrepreneurship moves people from being untapped and isolated members of our economic system to thriving and contributing of wealth. With increased in  entrepreneurship, financial security and the ability to manage their assets, the financially underserved have a greater ability to send their children to school, provide a safe home and pay for healthcare for their families. And through access to financial products and services and the tools and knowledge to manage their finances, they have the opportunity to become more entrepreneurial — to create economic opportunities for themselves, their families and their communities.

As a global company, ePay sees the most valuable contribution we can make is to help bring more people into the formal financial system. We do so by creating entrepreneurs to pathways for the financially underserved through our:

• Products, services, technology and payments expertise

• Financial literacy tools and resources

• Strategic partnerships

Entrepreneur Improves access to financial services and electronic payments system is a critical building block to help more people improve their lives and lift themselves out of poverty. As more people connect to ePay, they are is given new tools to help them grow, and each of us benefits from their progress in an increasingly interconnected world.

NOTE: ePayCard Signup Fees are non-refundable and not an automatic means to benefits