ePay is electronic payments system provider that connects consumers, businesses, banks and governments and territories, enabling them to make financial transactions through electronic devise instead of cash and cheques.

ePay has built an electronic payment system that is reliability, convenience and security, including fraud protection for consumers and guaranteed payment for merchants with 100% Benefits for consumers.

ePay issue a prepaid card that is use for making payment online, POS, ATM and Cash withdrawer. No bank account is needed, just load your card with funds and use it for shopping, bill payment and other daily transactions. Using BENEFITCARD the right way offers you exceptional benefits, cash rewards, services and credit spending power that can help you make financial and personal dreams come true.

Governments around the world have switched to electronic payment instead of cash for payments and purchasing in order to increase efficiency and lower costs, saving taxpayers money.

ePay is giving more people more benefits for their hard earn money. Creating access to electronic payment systems From major cities to remote areas without banks, people are increasingly relying on digital currency along with mobile technology to use their money any time, make purchases online, transfer funds across borders and access basic financial services. All of which makes their lives easier and economies grow faster.

NOTE: ePayCard Signup Fees are non-refundable and not an automatic means to benefits